What do you think of this? Doesn’t it look like a stage set for the operatic version of Hansel und Gretel? It is so over-the-top, that I just have to love it, despite my well-documented feelings about plant torture. Almost qualifies for the WWTT category dreamed up by Loree.  Follow that link for a kindly chuckle, and to see what I am talking about. Care to weigh in?

8 thoughts on “???

  1. All that work to make funny shapes out of plants. I guess as far as those things go, it is well done? Some nurseries i’ve been to, I’ve seen staff in the process of making little balls and spirals out of perfectly normal looking plants. Nooooo…

  2. Loree~You make me want to knock on the door just to see who answers. No, that would be wrong…what is the Census doing to me?

    Megan~Think what they might be doing with their time if not taking it (whatever “it” is) out on the shrubbery.

  3. Such a pretty place.
    What a shame they spoilt it with the greenery.
    Send them some Sodium Chlorate.

    BTW, we went round taking pictures in upstate NewYork of these lovely Victorian houses with their curliques and pretty rooflines.
    This one looks new. Is it a tarted-up old one or have they started building in this style again?

  4. Joco~Everything around it was brand new, but who knows…it might have been left over from an earlier time. To be honest, I was too distracted by the topiary to pay that much attention to the house.

  5. Just what is WITH people who think hedge shrubs should be mowed into cubes?? You see it so often in commercial “landscaping” where a mow-and-blow crew has ripped away at what was probably not such a bad original planting but that’s been formed intto someone’s obsessive idea of neatness more recently.

    And the spiral Alberta Spruces or whatever they are…well, giving up all resemblance to living things, that’s what they are.

  6. Sure Ricki, you know me, always willing to lend my opinion on a matter, especially when it’s asked for! I think other than the twin spiral cones on either side of the steps, it looks fine. I think spiraling them was a mistake and they should have just been left natural. Wait, I take that back. The literal BOX wood line looks stupid, like a row of teeth with every other one missing. A solid row or no row at all would have been better. … You know what? The more I look at it the more I see as wrong with it so I think I’ll stop. It’s kind of depressing. But if it makes the owners happy than who am I to judge, right? LOL

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