Juniperus recurva v butanica


We headed out one Saturday to see a matinee, and instead wound up at Portland Nursery (and it wasn’t even my idea). Guess the transformation to plant geek is complete. We went our separate ways, but somehow both ended up in front of this tree. The $75 price tag was way too rich for our blood, so we wandered on, only to find the same tree, not much bigger, with a tag of $499! Suddenly the first one seemed like a real bargain. I don’t know what was going on there: maybe marketing genius at work. Anyway, we had found the excuse we needed to justify bringing it home, and who cares if the genius was snickering up his sleeve at the saps who fell for his ruse?


Richard set about building up the berm to give it a nice perch, where it can spill over the edges.


Here is a close-up to show you how gracefully the branches cascade. On the more mature specimen there were juniper berries in abundance, in all their silvery splendor. Can you tell we’re in love? Once the berries show up, we can always go into business making bathtub gin to support our plant habit.

6 thoughts on “Juniperus recurva v butanica

  1. I like your ingenious gin rationale for your purchase. Marketing whiz be damned, that’s a great tree! Isn’t it great when you both arrive at the same plant acquisition conclusion…it happens rarely in MulchMaid territory, but it’s delightful when we completely agree!

    Now water the heck out of the dear this week!

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