independence day


This photo is going into my files so I can use it on the actual day in future.


It has become a mini-tradition for a group of friends to gather at Morgan and Judy’s condo overlooking this marina and directly across from the Vancouver fireworks display.


Some patriotic boaters parade back and forth, flying a huge American flag. One side of the hull is painted blue, the other, red.


Our hosts get us in the mood with the red, white and blue theme carried out in everything from potted plants to tablecloths, and serving very high-end versions of typical picnic fare. Kobe beef hot dogs, anyone?


As evening fell, the fire boat put on a show. Judy is quite an accomplished photographer, so I will have to see if her shots turned out better than mine.


But here is mine, as the boat shoots water high into the air. We all felt safer knowing they were there to quench any stray sparks. As everyone else went for a walk around the harbor to work off the lavish meal before the “ooh and aah”ing would begin, we took our leave. Richard has tinnitis, so the noise of fireworks puts him in about the same state as Morgan and Judy’s rottweiler…cowering under the bed. We didn’t miss out entirely. The drive home was punctuated by the sparkle of private (pirated) fireworks lighting up the sky…and a clear sky, at that.

Happy Independence Day one and all!

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  1. Nice, Ricki! I always feel for the poor animals on the 4th. They just don’t understand we humans and our need to celebrate our nation’s birth by mimicking warfare. 🙂 The weather was absolutely stupendous though, wasn’t it?

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