mulch magic


We are starting to be on a first name basis with the folks at Scappoose Sand and Gravel. Here’s a glimpse of a corner of the yard featuring decorative options from natural to baroque.

But that is not what we come for. Here is our collection of tubs and garbage containers…enough to contain exactly half a load of mulch.


Surprisingly little of this big scoopful falls outside the containers, to be easily captured in just a few minutes with a shovel. Previously, we had loads delivered and dumped in a big pile, to be distributed over time. This method saves one whole step of shoveling from the pile to a wheelbarrow. We just skootch these containers to the tailgate of the truck, tip them over and let the mulch fall into the wheelbarrow. This is just about the right amount of mulch one can comfortably spread in a day, we don’t have a big, unsightly pile, and the weight is such that there is still a little bit of spring left in the old truck. We consulted with the folks at Joy Creek, and they recommended the dark hemlock bark mulch, so that is what we use (can’t argue with success).


You will find just about anything (in the non-plant category) your little gardening heart desires. Here’s a display case for the small stuff.


An overview of material for larger projects.


How about these massive stone slabs to get one thinking on a grand scale?


Columns of all sizes have been drilled, ready to burble into a variety of ponds.


Or maybe your taste in burblers runs more toward a rough-hewn ball.


These cast concrete bowls are scaled for estate-sized plantings.


Should your estate sport a gigantic rabbit, here’s his Easter basket.

Have I piqued your interest? Drive out Hwy 30 through the little town of Scappoose and turn right at the last light. Now, If you will excuse me, I gotta go mulch.

7 thoughts on “mulch magic

  1. Ricki, do you remember how much those concrete bowls ran? There is a similar rock shop down here. I think I’ll have to check out their selection. Problem is it would take a forklift to get it home. Maybe not.

    I like the dark colored mulches too. I hope you were able to get yours spread where you wanted it without dying of heatstroke.

  2. Clever! It’s hard to find a place here that will let you load your own containers. They usually want to just dump into a truck, which we don’t own. And we don’t have a good place for a big pile. I love those columns, the Easter basket not so much. πŸ™‚

  3. How timely, Ricki! I was just thinking about how we needed some mulch and hate the big messy pile in the driveway routine. We don’t have a truck so this container method is absolutely brilliant. Those stones make me swoon with envy, and ideas. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  4. Grace~Next time we go, I will check on the bowl prices and let you know. We hop on the cool days to do the mulching.

    Loree~Yep, you could. Mark up one more destination in our neck of the woods.

    Karen~I’ll ask these guys if they know of anyone in your area who will sell by container. This is actually a half-load and they just dump it as if they were dumping into a truck, so you might be able to talk them into it.
    I’m drooling over the columns too.

    Frances~Glad I could point you toward a new method after the many ideas I have gotten from you.

  5. I love this hauling option! It makes me want a truck, since I only have an old Subaru station wagon to haul in and it wouldn’t like the weight of trashcans full.
    Thanks, Ricki, for the fun overview. This is a place I will visit, even if mulch isn’t on my list!

  6. Jane~A truck does indeed open up a world of possibilities. R keeps reminding me that I should resist loading up the car with roadside rocks (because of the weight issue).

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