july in bloom


These drumstick alliums are new this year, and they colored up just in time for Bloom Day.


The other Allium that is new this year is ‘Hair’. I am cheating a bit by using a photo taken when it was at its peak, but, like all of its cousins, it dries in place, so that all that really changes is the color.


The Hydrangea quercifolia is all about foliage, but the blossoms peeking through add interest.


Hemerocallis ‘Still Life’ is ready for her close-up.


Now that I have found the formula to deter deer, Rosa ‘Dortmund’ is putting on a good spurt of growth.


Can’t get too upset with creatures as lovely as this…and they now satisfy their rumbling tummies with dandelion greens.


Here’s another beneficiary of the deer bomb. Hydrangea ‘Preziosa’, blooming for the first time, with variations from cream to deep mauve on the same plant. I especially like the dark wine stems.


The blossoms are a delightful afterthought on the ground cover Hypericum ‘Brigadoon’. The plant tag suggested full sun, but it is happier now that it is getting shade (tends to sunburn).


The hornbeam that is generating that shade was one of the first things planted in this garden. I like this photo because it shows the deeply pleated leaves as well as the hop-like things that have begun to appear in late spring and hold on til late fall. I guess they qualify as blooms(?)

There are many other plants in bloom, but rather than trot them all out, I will direct you to May Dreams Gardens, where you can step into a whole world of blooming things on this Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

4 thoughts on “july in bloom

  1. Love that first photo of the drumstick alliums, they are all rushing over to great you. Like kids at the park when the ice cream truck pulls up.

    I grew the ‘hair’ allium for awhile but it eventually just disappeared. Never could figure out why. Yours make me miss it.

    And that hornbeam is a beauty!

  2. Loree~Why does it not surprise me that you have grown ‘Hair’? All of my alliums seem to peter out after a few years.

    What a fun image: kids clamoring for ice cream!

  3. Oh, that drumstick allium photo is priceless! I have never seen these before and really want them. Do you know that variety? No worries if not, but I want to keep an eye out for them. And ‘Hair’ is hilarious! Where do you find such unusual bulbs?

    I had seen those hoppy things on trees and wondered what they were – thanks for adding hornbeam to my tree ID brainbank!

    So, maybe I missed this, but what is your anti-deer potion that works? My folks are dealing with deer for the first time and are totally freaking about the potential for mayhem. Thanks!!

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