no! no! not this!

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We’re doing everything we can to warn birds away from windows and prevent such sad scenarios. Our window warriors made of static cling, repositionable and removable vinyl are available (here). The birds are becoming more active, so now is the time to try them out.

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This Egyptian cat is our latest design. We currently have cats, an owl and a falcon, with more designs coming soon.

pane relief


My latest plan is to use Thursdays to pitch our window cling silhouettes. I hope you won’t mind. The latest, for sale (HERE), came to be because Richard was fascinated by the bronze cat statuettes (circa 600 BC) he found in a book about Egypt. We went back and forth, refining the design so that it would read as a silhouette.

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Birds aren’t the only birdbrains out there. Plenty of humans have mistaken a sliding glass door (at least one in the home of a fastidious housekeeper) for an open portal to the great outdoors. One of these guys, applied at eye level, could prevent a serious headache, or worse.

a new window cling for cat lovers


I’m back to cutting new silhouettes by hand until we see which designs earn their way to being printed in quantity. This is a new material that I found. It still has a backing sheet and comes in a sleeve for easy storage when not in use. The difference is that the dark, smoky vinyl is translucent. If you look closely, you can see the scenery beyond the window showing through ever so slightly. We started making these silhouettes to deter birds from flying into windows but they could as easily be seen as purely decorative. If you are intrigued and would like to order or learn more, please visit my Etsy Shop.

birds flying into windows?

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Let’s see if we can’t fix that! When we first heard that sickening thump and found a dead bird beneath the window, I rushed to make a cut paper owl to put in the window.


Here’s that owl, hand cut from heavy black paper and stuck to the window with double-stick tape. It seemed to work. Several friends asked for some and they seemed to work for them too. Cutting them out by hand with an Xacto knife was giving me cramps and calusses. We went in search of a less labor-intensive production method.


After much research and experimentation, we have a superior product that employs static-cling vinyl. These guys can be repositioned or removed entirely and stored for future use.


Simply peel the silhouette from the backing sheet and apply it to the inside of the window, smoothing out air bubbles with your hand.

One of the problems cited for window decals has been that the birds soon catch on that the birds in flight are not moving. Our birds are at rest, ready to swoop down on prey. We have no scientific proof, but that may be why they seem to be effective. Want to try some on your own killer windows? Go to my Etsy Shop to place an order.